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R700 for Pasta

MBP R-700

The R-700 for Pasta is a vertical form fill & seal packaging machine which produces four types of closed packets from a roll of heat-sealable material. The perfect combination of hardware and software has produced a series of innovative solutions, which ensure that the R-700 is one of the best packaging machines ever.


  • Film passage, format change and fine tuning are very easy for the operator. As the R-700 machine has no calender, there are only six film passage transport rollers.
  • Regardless of the reel width, the operator always positions the reel at the pneumatic spread shaft end run. Even the notch reading eye mark photocell requires no centring operations!
  • There is no mechanical reel brake. No more adjustment, calibration, wear problems.
  • The result is a perfect package, every time. Film friction on the forming tube collar is reduced to a minimum. The dancing roller compensates the continuous reel movement with the alternated intermittent one of the film pulling belts and is electronically managed so as to ensure that the film tension is maintained in any condition.
  • Perfect centring is maintained in real time. The film-turn triangle acts as a centring device and is positioned next to the forming tube.
  • The R-Series packaging machines do not require any internal ventilation system to cool down the electrical panel. As a consequence, the mechanical and electronic components are fully protected from dust and humidity.
  • Film pulling is done through suction belts driven by two brushless motors.
  • As the production speed changes the sealing time remains the same and, therefore, also the temperature of the sealing elements remains constant, thus guaranteeing perfect packages all the time.
  • High output; up to 130 packs per minute and up to 70 for the Steelo-Bag format.
  • The R-Series machines guarantee the same performance and fluidity of a continuous machine together with the mechanical simplicity of an intermittent machine.

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