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R700 TWIN for Pasta

The R700 Twin for Pasta is a vertical form fill & seal packaging machine which produces four types of closed packets from a roll of heat-sealable material. R-Series’ technology guarantees top performance and smaller overall dimensions. The TWIN configuration allows double production using one MBP multi-head weigher, even in small places.


  • R700 TWIN occupies 3,2 m2 and features a 700 mm film width.
  • Steelo-Bag sealers are installed on the forming tube, leaving the height of the forming tube unvaried compared to the basic version.
  • Production with square bottom and/or Steelo-Bag can reach up to 70+70 packs/min with one outfeed conveyor.
  • Pillow-bags output can reach up to 120+120 packs/min (16C2DMA TWIN).
  • The films that can be used with the R-700 are less complex than those used with a continuous machine.
  • The time needed to change the format with an R-700 TWIN is halved compared to any Steelo-Bag continuous machine model
  • 50% of the production is always guaranteed. If the potential is not exploited to its maximum, it is possible to increase line production so as to compensate the stopped line

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